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An April Thanksgiving

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An April Thanksgiving

Adam Schneider

Time is precious for everyone, but if you’re a hunter – you know the drill. You race out of bed, don your camo, grab your ancillary gear, maybe take a quick chug of water, then hit the road to your favorite hunting spot (hoping you don’t get a speeding ticket along the way). When you finally get to your hunting destination, you grab a piece of gear with every finger and shoulder you have and then lug it to your secret spot in the woods or field. When you get there you’re often sweating, out of breathe, and frustrated because you undoubtedly forgot something on the kitchen counter or dropped it while rushing to your stand.   

Save Time For What Matters Most - Grab a Hunt Locker!

The Hunt Locker™

The HUNT LOCKER™ is a fiberglass storage unit built for a hunter's gear, supplies, decoys, bait and more.

I took a rare day of vacation this past Friday to partake in the Wisconsin spring turkey hunt, and for the first time in ages, I didn’t have to play the game I mention above. Why you ask? Because I already had my gear placed in the HUNT LOCKER from the prior weekend. Two turkey decoys, binoculars, a chair, a padded seat, bottled water, turkey calls, a range finder, Clif bars, and a backpack of emergency provisions were all there waiting for me as I arrived before first light. When I got to the locker, I quietly opened the cover with my unique key – knowing everything would be there and still dry (despite the rain we had all week long). The integrated LED light gave a soft illumination to everything inside – so I was able to grab the decoys and place them – without sounding like a Sasquatch in the process. Within minutes I was ready to hunt… and a few hours later, I had secured an April Thanksgiving!